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Buyers tend to overestimate the cost of repairs, so a small investment in time and money may be in your best interest and will give your home an edge over other listings in the area when the time comes to show it to a prospective buyer.

Curb Appeal

Remember to cut lawns, trim shrubs, weed and edge gardens, mulch beds, clear walkway of leaves, repair gutters and eaves, and touch up exterior paint.

The First Impression

Imagine the difference when a potential buyer walks up to the house with potted plants in front, the doorbell is functional, and they notice the polished door hardware as they cross the threshold. They step inside to a clean and tidy entrance. In winter, remove ice and snow from steps and walkway.

Maintained and Manicured

Oil squeaky doors, tighten knobs, replace light bulbs, clean and repair windows, touch up chipped paint, repair cracked plaster, leaking taps, and toilets.

White Glove Tested

Shampoo carpets, clean the washer, dryer and tubs, furnace, fridge and stove. Clean and freshen bathrooms.

A Spacious Look

Clear stairs and halls, counters and stoves. Make closets tidy and neat (if they aren’t big enough for you, they won’t be big enough for your buyers). Under-furnish and store clutter.

Finishing Touches

Mitigate cooking smells by baking cookies. Open windows for fresh air, and open drapes (daytime). Turn off televisions and radios. Light fireplace (in season), and turn on lights including front entrance, stairways and rooms without wall switches. Fresh flowers and a bowl of candy are appealing.


Be absent during showings, including pets. Whether buyers are pet lovers or not, animals can distract from the experience of visiting a property. Remove family photos.


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